The Main Agenda of the Bitcoin Conference in Vilnius: An Insider’s Guide

In Vilnius, Lithuania a great event was held. Whether you are a Cryptocurrency enthusiast, blockchain expert, or industry pioneer, you would love to attend this annual Bitcoin Conference in Vilnius.

This conference proved to be a game-changer for Bitcoin development. It is based on a meticulously crafted agenda that explores the most demanding issues of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency future, internet data protection, blockchain business in the future, and many other possibilities.

We will delve into the details of this Bitcoin conference held for a week on July 16-22. It’s also known as, “The Pillar Unconference 2018.” Let’s get into this insider guide.

Background of the Bitcoin Conference

Before delving deep into this extraordinary conference agenda’s details, let’s understand this mega-event’s significance. In cryptocurrency, this Bitcoin Conference in Vilnius is considered a milestone of innovation and a thought-provoking event.

Hundreds of business people gathered at this conference to share their visions and ideas and to shape the future of Bitcoin in the finance industry.

In the heart of Vilnius, this conference provides the perfect possibilities for groundbreaking discussions and networking opportunities. The attendees can get optimal knowledge and deep insights from the expert speakers.

Main Agenda

Now, let’s discuss the main agenda of this Bitcoin conference. The conference organizers have the liberty to decide on diversified topics to discuss with attendees. They make sure these topics and themes can reflect the importance of the world of cryptocurrency.

This unique conference provides a new scope in the Bitcoin industry by offering a “non-conference” format. In this format, the participants have the free hand to set the agenda and select topics for discussion.

The organizers believe that innovation can emerge through conversation, not instead through presentation. They believe in democratic thoughts, so they prefer democratic meeting. The main reason is that they don’t want passive listeners but love to engage attendees in active discussions.

Key Themes and Topics

The central theme is the future of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s popularity and adoption are the hot topics for discussion, and attendees are allowed to discuss emerging trends, diversified industry challenges, and predictions.

Exceptional expert speakers offer insights into the evolution of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They also shed light on what lies ahead for this transformative technology.

Attendees have the golden opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from discussions and workshops on the latest regulatory frameworks and interconnected measures for businesses and investors.


The Bitcoin Conference in Vilnius is considered to be a transformative event. Its main agenda reflects cutting-edge cryptocurrency innovation. This fantastic conference provided the attendees with an excellent opportunity to delve into the intricate ideas of decentralized finance and be a part of an active discussion about Bitcoin’s future.

This valuable discussion with co-participants and experts can open up new doors to success for your finances and business. So, the attendees have an unforgettable experience and level up their blockchain knowledge in the heart of Vilnius.